LCS focuses on providing solutions to cities and buildings. We provide city planning, architectural design, MEP design and consulting, engineering consuting and management advisory services.


LCS was spun off from the IFIB (Institut für Industrielle Bauproduktion) of Karlsruhe University, chaired by Prof. Niklaus Kohler. In the past years, Prof. Kohler helped German, French and other European government to develop and implement low carbon solutions to cities and buildings. This led to the successful passage of energy and eco legislation in major European countries. Prof. Kohler is also the co-founder of the building life cycle thoery. In 2007, Dr. Sebastian Moffatt, a graduate of IFIB, was commissioned by the World Bank and they jointly established the ECO2 (Ecological and Economical) Plan and Design Program.


Over the years, our team of scientists, designers and engineers has been working for European and North American governments and private sectors, including Hanover Expo development consulting, the Greater Vancouver Region eco development, Irvine Naval Base redevelopment in California, German Railway Systems in Berlin, the KFW Bank Campus and the Commerzbank Tower, etc.


Since entry into China, LCS has always been implementing the concept of economy, innovation, and energy saving. The firm has been applying the world's leading technologies and research in China and helped the country to develop in a sustainable manner. In China, the team of LCS was the pioneer of the large-scale systematic application of technologies such as the ground source heat pump, the concrete core activity, the capillary tube mats, the metal ceiling and the fresh air floor ventilation for Nanjing Landsea, Guangzhou Tobacco Tower, Lujiazui Investment Tower, Lujiazui Fund Tower, Lujiazui DBS Tower, the Peninsula Hotel in Shanghai, the Waitanyuan and Xi'an Jiaotong University Science and Technology Park and etc.


The ECO2 solution by LCS brings optimal return to each owner and partner.