• Waitanyuan, Shanghai, China

    Waitanyuan, Shanghai, China

    Waitanyuan is the birth place of the Bund and Shanghai. It represents the fusion of Chinese and European culture. Due to the variety and the heterogeneous surroundings of the Waitanyuan area, a strong concept is suggested which is based on the duality of two historical elements: Urban landscape - represented by the park area of the former British Consulate - and embankment - represented by the promenade and “the bund“. A place of quietness and retreat in the midst of the lively district of Waitanyuan is created. The projects plan is the neutrality regarding the flexibility of use and a strong restraint in the range of its configuration. This reservation understands itself as an urban strategy, leaving the quality of openness and closeness to the urban space. The existing elements and buildings are set into a keen relationship by few, but high-quality interventions. The spatial arrangement of the old buildings will be accentuated by a sculpture garden, where the historical legacy is combined with a modern interpretation of a traditional theme of European aristocratic parks. We also completed the EPC of HVAC system with ground source heat pump technology.
  • Guangzhou Pearl River Tower

    Guangzhou Pearl River Tower

    Guangzhou Pearl River Tower is a high-rise building located in the Guangzhou Pearl River city. In the building, a number of world class energy-saving technologies are used, including double façade, wind power generation, photovoltaic and metal ceiling air conditioning. As MEP engineering consultant, we realized these technologies. This project was awarded the German Energieausweis.
  • Nanjing Accurate tower

    Nanjing Accurate tower

    For the buildings in the prestigious location of Nanjing, LCS completed the design of ground source heat pump, capillary tube system, floor fresh air distribution system, intelligent BA control system etc. The high comfortable and low energy consumption air conditioning systems create an indoors environment corresponding to the high-end positioning of the project.
  • Lingang New Harbor, Shanghai Media Center

    Lingang New Harbor, Shanghai Media Center

    Architectural Design
  • KFW

    Headquarter campus of KFW Bank

    Headquarter campus of KFW Bank is located in Frankfurt financial district, composed of office, commercial and residential buildings. Our team has completed the engineering management of MEP system. The main building of the project achieved a number of German energy-saving awards, and became the local demonstration of the industry.
  • German Commerzbank

    German Commerzbank

    Architectural design
  • Allianz Group Building

    Allianz Group Building

    Architectural design
  • 外滩源
  • 广州珠江烟草大厦
  • 南京麦哲理大厦
  • 临港新城港口,上海传媒中心
  • KFW
  • 德国商业银行
  • 安联大厦