conceptual city planning of zhenru subcenter
limited competition 2005 / 2nd prize
client: shanghai zhenru subcenter administration
gross area: 2.500 hectares
the subcenter zhenru arises at the west railway-station of shanghai. the main emphasis of the subcenter is to evolve a sustainable structure of the city, which makes it possible to adapt to the actual and future needs of the inhabitant, the investors and the city. in this sense the zhenru subcenters focus is different from the other 3 existing subcenters of shanghai. zhenru is not specialized in a single use, but offers a ballanced mix of different characters, by which a flexible developement is advanced. this broad variety of uses stregthens the subcenter in itself and offers a profound steadiness for the future. the quality of the new subcenter is not tied to the success of just one sector like technology, banking or tourism. It is based on a wide foundation of complementary utilization. the concept comes forward with a proposal for the necessary urbanistic rearrangement of the area and its neighbourhood. a high value is set on to the connection with downtown shanghai and the development of different urban regions and urban life. the existing ancient substance and the good position in the arrangement of shanghais traffic system is appreciated by a spectacular architecture and squares. the unique quality of the parkway and the public space will charakterize zhenru as an inimitable part of shanghai. the identity and the autonomy of the subcenter will be strenghtend compared with the other three subcenters. zhenru won`t become just one more local center, furthermore a sustainable zhenru will become important for the whole shanghai-yangtze-area.