conceptual city planning of caohejing pujiang hi-tech park
international competition / 1st prize
The proposed development will become the central business support area for the whole High-Tech park, which is situated to the south of the Shanghai downtown. Therefore it will consist of office, administration, retail, restaurant, hotel and conference center, as well as residential uses. To the east of the central area will be a high-tech ‘campus-style’ office and manufacturing zone (research and development). The planning concept calls for a central east-west axis, connecting the two main focal points of the site: the highrise twin office towers of the Caohejing High-Tech Park administration and the entertainment club, which will also serve as an entrance point to the core zone. These two landmark buildings define the beginning and the end of the central axis which will be designed as a grand boulevard. Connected to this central area will be clusters of residential, office, high-tech R&D and manufacturing developments. The integration of the existing street grid and planned developments to the north and south of the business support center will provide for a sustainable and easy to navigate access road network. The public transportation links will enable a TOD development which will integrate various modes of public transit (metro, bus, water taxi). The landscape will feature the distinctive qualities of the existing rivers and canals of the site. A high percentage of green space combined with these water features will enhance the overall quality of life of residents and users as well as provide an ecological resource for the area. The plan also calls for the use of innovative alternative energy systems for the various building types (for example geothermal and solar energy). The main focus is to create memorable places that will stand out while enhancing and blending in with the surrounding areas. The Caohejing High-Tech Park acts as a central focus point for the region and as a catalyst for the local business environment. Caohejing High-Tech Park will be a multi-faceted, multi-use, and multi-dimensional place, therefore becoming a city in its own rights as well as a distinctive sustainable urban place.